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System for the
21st century

Do you love your current AMS?
You'll love this one!

Not your
average AMS

AirportBase is a next-gen data and automation platform that can power your airport's technology ecosystem, increase operational efficiency and reduce waste.

Opinionated, but
prepared to expand its views

Tailored for optimal use from day one. The accompanying software development kit can be used to extend functionality through plugins that enable a high degree of customisation.

this one

ESBs are fine, but you know what's cool? Native data exchange capabilities, supporting all standard interfaces and data formats (including a powerful Type B message parser).

Plays nice
with others

Works alongside existing systems, providing value from day one, without the need to completely replace the incumbent AMS; happy to gradually take on more and more responsibility.

One platform, many users

Suitable for multi-org/multi-stakeholder use (e.g. AOCC, ground handlers, airlines) with granular access control and flexible UI configuration, ensuring same source of truth for all.

Prefers the
cloud but
on-prem OK

Designed for cloud infrastructure, fault-tolerant, infinitely scalable, compatible with AWS, Azure or on-prem. Fully managed service with 99.99% uptime, 24/7 support and strict SLAs.


The dream of AI-driven automation is unfolding and AirportBase has its data architecture geared for data science. It might take a while longer for operations to benefit from AI in a meaningful way, but be sure to be ready when that time comes.

open source

The AirportBase codebase is completely open, including the necessary documentation to self host, operate and tinker with. In fact, we'd love it if lots of people did. We want this to be the cornerstone of a new ecosystem for open technologies in aviation.

Free trials starting in Q1 2021

Transparency Policy

Our Incident Management policy is based on radical transparency. We aim to provide an SLA level of 99.99% availability (~52 minutes of downtime per year), but the reality is that all systems fail sometimes. When that happens, it's our top priority to restore them.

We promise to always give you a truthful, clear and concise explanation of what went wrong and how we are making it better, even when it might be gut wrenching, having to admit our own mistakes. We believe that truth, always, is good business -- it is how we operate.

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About us

We are Fortyfive, a seasoned team with deep understanding of aviation operations and tremendous experience building and operating critical systems in the cloud.

We believe the COVID-19 pandemic is going to change aviation for the better, effectively bringing it into the 21st century, prepared for decades of continuous growth. This is the future we are betting on and working hard to help shape.

Thank you for your consideration.

Filip Chereches-Tosa
co-founder & CEOCEO - Filip Chereches-Tosa